I got a great service for my daily needs like bathing and dressing up recently in month of January 2019. Especially I am very thankful to your great team of
Cindy Walker, Rathburn James and Harvell, Jencie. Thank you so much to you all.
Mihir Shukla.

— Mihir Shukla.

I tried 3 services before I called Srs. Helping Srs. I needed companion care for my 90 year old Dad who had terminal prostrate cancer. I cannot say enough how thoroughly pleased my Dad was with the loving care he received during the several months of care. His caregivers would take him to Burger King for his favorite 2 for $6 special, or bring him homemade pies and sweets and meals, or play board or card games (his favorite) with him. The love and compassion Srs. Helping Srs. showered on my Dad meant the world to our family and most importantly my Dad. What they gave to my Dad, helped his last days to be lived with dignity, self-respect and the reassurance that he was loved and cared about. Should I ever need in-home companion care again, Srs. Helping Srs. will be my first call! Thank you to the entire staff for taking away the concern and worry about having to leave Dad home alone. You are the best of the best!

— Daughter of Mr. Kirkland

I am a retired RN with a brain tumor. I have Cheryl and Susan.They do such great jobs. They obviously really care about me. I get so many things done I cannot do myself. We have common interests and enjoy doing things together. I look forward to being able to progress in PT so I can get down the steps and out to do something fun. They are thorough and kind and I am a hard person because of my 30 years in nursing.and I cannot say enough good about Cindy, Joan, Cheryl and Susan.

— Ginny Thomas

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